Kathy Rose (2013 + 2015 Grant)


To make a trailer for her film “Detroit”.


Completing DVD “The Breach” about coastal erosion on MV

This trailer is a short version of my 30min film entitled”The Breach”. The film speaks about the massive coastal erosion that is happening on Martha’s Vineyard, specifically on Chappaquiddick’s southern shore named Wasque.
There are interviews with a Coastal geologist, Jeffress Williams, from the USGS, Chris Kennedy, the supervisor
of the Trustees of the Reservation, the organization in charge of Wasque Reservation, and Peter Wells, the owner and captain of the Chappaquiddick ferry. The ferry has been influenced by the breach in the Katama Bay barrier beach, now having two currents to contend with every crossing. I conceived the idea of telling this story when I was working for the Trustees in 2009 when I witnessed what one strong storm could do to change the landscape.
the Website is Thebreachmv.org

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